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Spring Into Wellness | Women's Event 
Sunday March 24th 1-3:30pm

  1. Executive Director
    Kaye C. Reich, CNTP, CGP
    Institute of Functional Medicine Certified RECODE Practitioner Certified Primal Blueprint Expert
  2. Executive Director
    Becky Prater
    I am everywoman. My voice is universal. I help people heal or align with their higher self. I assist you in finding your authentic self, inner voice and life’s purpose. Then, we build an action plan for achieving your dreams using actual, identified “to-do” steps.
  3. Executive Director
    Suzanne Hunt
    .As a natural empath, Sue has been energy sensitive for most of her life. In 2006 she learned to meditate and harness her own intuitive healing potential to create life change for herself as well as others. She studied clairvoyant energy techniques at the Inner Connection Institute and was ordained a minister at the Church of Infinite Spirit in 2009. Over the years Sue has continued to expand her abilities using Medical Intuition and Mediumship healing. Sue enjoys seeing her clients discover more choice, freedom and fulfillment from life when they are able to create their next experience from their own spiritual truth rather than outside influences. Sue provides a clairvoyant reading of your energy to give insight and validation; help you release energy blocks; heal relationships, career, finance or any challenging situation; energize your spiritual path; connect with spirit guides; clear your home or office; comfort your pet with an energetic healing; or provide medical intuition to help you move through health issues or illness.
  4. Executive Director
    Shari Pederson
    Shari has always loved the outdoors which prompted a move from the North Dakota of her origins to Colorado in 1994. She instantly fell in love with the mountains and all that Colorado has to offer. Shari loves hiking, biking, backpacking, climbing (rock & ice) and of course bringing the beauty of the outdoors to everyone with her photography.
  5. Executive Director
    Noelle Benjamin
    Throughout my life, I’ve been in the search of all things beautiful. Not only beauty in our appearance, but beauty in our souls. It took a series of syncronistic experiences and a journey of self-discovery that led me to believe that we all have beauty within us.
  6. Executive Director
    Lisa M Gunshore
    Psychic Medium, Integrative Lifestyle Coach
Spring Into Wellness Program
1pm to 1:20 - Check in/ Noelle Benjamin - introduction
1:20-1:40 - Becky Prater- Life Transformed: 6 Steps to a Future Beyond Your Imagination
1:40-2:00 - Kaye Reich - Mind Your Genome
2:00-2:20 - Shari Pederson - Taking Flight
2:20-2:40 - Sue Hunt - Thoughts Are Energy
2:40-3:00  Lisa Gunshore - Purification Junkie
3-3:30  Mix and Mingle/Networking
As a crystal loving, boho-spirited gal, I was called to create beautiful dreamcatchers to help bring the light into your home and soul.​​​

The rooting of Moonlight Gypsy Goods as a business gave me a unique tool to aid in the emerging of my inner self. I'm a true believer in embracing your darkness to find your own moonlight, and the healing crystals featured in each dreamcatcher helps to aid in that process. 

Through years of self-discovery, spirituality, therapy, and life lessons, I have found that crystals keep me grounded with the courage to maintain an open mind and a beautiful curiosity. My intention here is that these dreamcatchers help others on their journey to welcome their own light.

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