Vibrational Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Vibrational Energy & Sound Healing

Lisa recieved an empowerment in Long Beach, CA in 2013 that enabled her to perform Samvahan Vibrational Healing.  In addition Lisa has been guiding clients through Shamanic Journeys for over a decade.  She has combined her passion for sound healing with her husband's 30+ years experience as a percussionist and composer.  Together they perform Sound Baths with Guided Shamanic Journeys.  Check out my events page to see the next available date!

Bowls, Gongs & Chanting



Samvahan is an ancient method of healing practiced in India for thousands of years.  It is based on the idea that everything in the Universe is vibrating.  The art of this healing technique is to introduce a new vibration to the body that will shift the bodies frequency.  It is described as a type of massage that can bring great peace and clarity following a session.
Ancient Civilizations like the Egyptians and the Lemurians used vibrational energy healing.   By utilizing vibration you can transform your physical and energetic bodies.  You change the frequency of those bodies through the vibration of sound or energy vibrating through the hands.  Dis-ease and illness can manifest due to poor energy flow or a blockage in your auric field.  The healer can shift the vibration of the body, increase energy flow and remove blockages by using the correct frequencies that are often higher than the present time vibration.
There are many different tools used to create sound and vibration during a healing; Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Bells and music.  In addition, chanting, hands on vibrational healing and essential oils are also used.

Currently Lisa performs Gong Baths with a Paiste Gong tuned to the Vibration of Neptune.  Neptune, God of the Sea, is the ruler of Pisces. In astrology, Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Neptune rules spirituality, and all things subtle.  Neptune is associated with intuition and spiritual enlightenment.