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Wanted: Motivated Seekers who are passionate about living their best
self through understanding body, mind, spirit connection.
Here's how I can help:

Personal Wellness and Nutrition Support

Highly Accurate

Working with the Public since 2006

Direct & Detailed Readings

Fourth Generation Psychic & Medium​

Yoga Instruction

Specializing in Psychic Readings, Mediumship, and Shamanic Journeys

Integrative Lifestyle Coaching

Transformational Sound Healing

About Lisa
As a little girl I was frightened by things I saw and often felt misunderstood.  For years I searched for answers; discovering that psychic gifts have run through the line of incredible women in my family.  There was really nothing to fear; this was an inherent part of who I am.  In 2006 I was called to open my doors as a psychic medium and begin working with the public.  Since then my life has been an incredible journey of coming to awareness and healing.  In 2011 I became very ill and found out I have 22 food allergies and auto-immune conditions that required me to change my life.  Since then I have lost 100 pounds, left my toxic marriage to an addict and have found my one true love.  I cannot express enough gratitude for the profound healing I have been given in this lifetime.  I am a woman on a mission now and ready to give service to my community and to the other seekers out there looking for answers.  With 20 years in fashion, a culinary arts degree including a certification in Nutritional cooking and over a decade of intense spiritual study to understand my gifts and the unseen realms; I am ready to help you come to a place of balance, optimum health and to live in vitality.
You can change your life.
You can heal yourself.
Are you ready to ignite your life?