I am a survivor of the extreme swings of the pendulum we can experience in life.  In my own efforts to break through the boundaries of human nature; I have lost 100 pounds, broken lifelong patterns and come to know myself.   I offer my support as you also shatter, fall, drop and dissolve.  As human beings we fall apart, act out, over-analyze, criticize. We have addictions, pain, and fear.  We also have brilliance, innate talent, creativity and an individuality that makes each one of us a unique contributor to the unified whole.  As a Teacher, Author, Speaker and Counselor; I am solely focused on supporting YOU; to heal and to blossom into the fullness of who YOU are.  I offer service to you, so we can all live in balance, health and vitality and increase conscious awareness for the greater good of all sentient beings.

Are You Ready to Awaken?​

Wanted: Motivated Seekers who are passionate about living their best
self through understanding body, mind, spirit connection.
Here's how I can help:

Personal Wellness and Nutrition Support

Fourth Generation Psychic & Medium​

Specializing in Psychic Readings, Mediumship, and Shamanic Journeys

Working with the Public since 2006

Yoga Instruction

Integrative Lifestyle Coaching

Highly Accurate

Direct & Detailed Readings

Transformational Sound Healing