"I am happy to share this list of products and resources that I have tried and now recommend as excellent support for your journey of healing."

Lisa's List

Products and Resources to Support Your Path to Purification
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Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) was created by a collection of wellness enthusiasts who were determined to provide essential oils that are pure and safe to use at a cost-effective price. As one of the leading direct-to-consumer essential oil companies in the world, RMO formulates expertly crafted blends and the purest single essential oils available. Continuing with innovation, RMO continues to expand its line with new oils and purposely-built products to satisfy the most experienced consumer and to help introduce new consumers to the benefits of essential oils. The company strives to provide products that improve the lives of people worldwide.
Embrace Your Future with Vibrant Health and an Energetic, Active Lifestyle

Desire a healthier body? Are you afraid of growing older and getting sick? Want to positively impact your genetic expression for a lifetime of good health?  Kaye provides one-on-one counseling to assist you in reaching your health goals by utilizing proven strategies that incorporate the latest science of healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors. Understanding our genetic predispositions and then positively influencing gene behavior through nutrition and epigenetics ultimately leads to better health. After all, it's not just a long life we desire, but one which is vibrant, healthy and worth living!